A Deeper Insight into the Framework of IFCJ

Any organization needs positive feedback in the form of rating and review to flourish. Same is the matter with IFCJ. The answer to the pertinent question – is IFCJ a good charity, is answered by the ratings and reviews.

IFCJ ratings

IFCJ is a charitable organization that makes its financial reports available on the internet in various platforms. They disclose many their financial undertakings and statements on their website and their audit report is available in different websites too. They have also made the most recent IRS Form 990 available on their website as well.IFCJ rating

The IFCJ rating is featured on different websites including Charity Navigator and Guide Star among others.

Framework of the organization

IFCJ believes in transparency and that is what is reflected in their approach of making their financial reports and form 990 available to people on their website. It is IRS form 990 that helps possible donors determine the bona fide nature of the organization and its functioning.

Form 990 includes reports on the organizations acquit, financial statements, compliance with various tax structures and compensations given to different people. These form the basis for a possible donor to decide if to contribute or not.

What do IFCJ reviews conclude?

The multiple IFCJ reviews available on the internet about IFCJ conclude that it is an organization that meets the twenty standards required for charity accountability. IFCJ right ticks all the domains required to meet the criteria to be an accountable charity successfully and is rated at three stars by Charity Navigator with a score of an approximate eighty six out of hundred.IFCJ rating

It is not only the ratings provided by the auditors but also the reviews written by common people who received the services of IFCJ at some point of time that have resulted in IFCJ emerging to be at the top of their game.