Commentary: Is Roberto Casula’s Image Affected by Corruption Allegations?

We have come across two different profiles of Roberto Casula, an energy professional at Eni. Roberto is the pillar of Eni, but his alleged involvement in corruption reflected a negative image of this Eni executive last year.

Roberto Casula’s contributions are influencing than corruption charge

Roberto Casula made great contributions in the fields of energy while working at Eni. The company relies on Roberto for its valuable energy projects, and even wanted him back when he took leave of absence during investigations for his alleged involvement in corruption case. This is evident that contributions of Roberto CasulaRoberto are more influencing compared to his involvement in corruption. The ongoing projects can’t wait until the investigation is pending. Eni can hardly sustain in the Roberto’s absence. Roberto is now back at Eni and presently engaged in open innovation and corporate venture capital. We can expect better performance of Eni and in the energy sector due to the active presence of Roberto.

The final opinion about Roberto

The future of energy sector and its professional is bright. Roberto Casula is one of the leading energy professionals who did lot for Eni as well as energy sector. The energy sector progressed with his active presence and contributions, though allegations of corruption once created adverse image of this Eni executive, but this doesn’t make effect as long as positive image is influencing. There can’t always be one opinion about a person, but what most people think about someone stays. Roberto has earned name and fame, and this is the truth about this man.

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