Establishing a New Generation of Book Readers for the Botm: John Lippmann!

The BOTM a.k.a. book of the month club has been attracting the young generation of women for quite some time now. It has been one of the top book-reading clubs which works via an online portal where most of the members are women aged in their late 20s or 30s. Now, the reason for this could be many and all thanks to the new CEO John Lippman who has created this site in a way such that the book worms can easily shop for their next read beforehand.

Well that is not all to increase the clientele and the member family this site also has a blog which exclusively features member photos, various essays and descriptive stories by book expert.

Apart from that another added advantage is that it also provides tips and advices for pairing food with books. Sometimes, the members might feel the need to discuss a few concepts or ideologies of the books that they have read. So, John Lippmann has taken proper care of that as well by creating open forum discussions in the book of the month club website. In these forums the members can chat with various other members and also with the guest judges.

This club mostly selects and pushes new authors and upcoming new books so that everybody gets a good opportunity and an equal platform. John Lippmann strongly believes that working with judges who are actively working as journalists, bloggers, authors, and regular avid readers. His leadership and mastermind have taken the book of the month club to new heights and he will keep working to continue and escalate it further.

He has also been involving a lot of celebrities like Allison Williams, Andy Cohen, and other such popular people so that the club becomes more renowned and gets recognition at a larger scale. Their way of registration is also quite easy to do. The interested people have to visit the site, sign up and answer a few questions for selecting their genre of interest. That is all and they are good to go. So, hurry up! It is time to avail the benefits of being a part of the book of the month club.