Guardians of Israel and Isaiah 58 Programs Are Lifelines for Millions

Rabbi Eckstein’s organization’s helping hand has pulled out numerous helpless souls out of misery and given them a purpose to live. Ranging from holocaust survivors to elderly people, the organization is the safe haven for all people with Jewish roots.

Guardians of Israel

IFCJ ratingsPoverty has been a matter of grave concern for the land of Israel for a long time. Back in 2006, the poverty couldn’t raise to an over 1.6 million. Added to this, the country has been in constant tussle with the neighboring nations in waging war. Thus, the necessary funding was spending in protecting the borders. As a result of which many people couldn’t be housed properly due to lack of infrastructure and lack of economic growth.

Good IFCJ ratings have shown that the fellowship has provide full support to these holocaust survivors and children in need. They have been provided with food and resources from time to time to survive poverty. With the help of resourceful partners, the fellowship has provided shelter and renovations to 2500 bomb shelters near Gaza.

Isaiah 58

IFCJ ratingsWith the help of Isaiah 58 programs, the poor elderly Jewish people have been attended and made self-sufficient. Besides providing them with food and shelter, they were also aided mentally. The joint distribution communities of American Jews have provided meals, and food packages along with medical aids as well as heating fuels to survive the harsh weather conditions.

Numerous abandoned children and orphans have been provided with education for free to make them able citizens of Israel. Without the systematic working of IFCJ ratings, this organization would not have reached the pinnacle as it has at present. It has raised over 1.6 billion funds since it was founded back in 1983 by Rabbi Eckstein.