How IFCJ searches for the potential donors?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is the trustworthy non-profit organization that is working to build a strong relationship between Jewish and Christian communities. These people also offer enough support to the Christians in Israel. They also supply medicine, clothes and meals to the people who are the victims of wars and terrorism attacks. However, prior to choosing a charity to donate to your favorite cause, you need to read the reviews and IFCJ ratings of the charity. IFCJ ratingsThe ratings are given by the watchdog sites based on the accountability, transparency and efficiency. This charitable organization will publish financial information on the IFCJ ratings website to let the donors know the financial health of the organization.

Here is how you need to search for the donors

Donors who would like to do philanthropic activities: Undeniably, time is money even for the nonprofit organizations. They would spend most of the time in allocating funds as well as in doing humanitarian activities. They look for the donors who would definitely donate funds. IFCJ ratingsBy doing research for the potential donors, you can get in touch with them and get the funds. This helps you to separate major fund donors and therefore will not let you to waste your time in doing something wrong.

Major gift donors: There are many major donors who have lots of money, but do not know how to fund. You can contact these people and motivate them to donate to the noble cause.

Get new prospects: In addition to doing philanthropic activities, you need to find prospective IFCJ ratings donors who would like to donate to your organization that is fighting for their favorite cause. By taking part in the corporate boards and charitable foundations, you can easily find the potential donors.

These are the ways you can search for the potential donors for your non-profit organizations.