IFCJ Rating Tells You about the Financial Status of the Organization

The IFCJ rating that you see given on different websites on the internet, is always on the positive side. Different big auditing firms have gone through their accounts from time to time and given them the clean chit. All the data, in details are available in these places for you to go through and arrive at IFCJ ratingsconclusions. Details of the financial statements after the audit always provide you with the right kind of information. As it can be seen, this organization is really transparent about the kind of work it does as well as how it spends the funds.

Financial disclosure

IFCJ has always made public different financial disclosures through their websites. The year-end audits, about the happenings of the fiscal years make this organization really awesome. The financial dealings which the organization is exempted from are also show in financial statements. Filing of taxes according to the Federal Laws is something that these people always do by the

IFCJ ratings
RYE and Pat Boone hugging at Pat Boone’s Israel 70th Anniversary Gala concert at Henry Crown Symphony Hall in the Jerusalem Theater.

book. All the requirements required to be fulfilled to run the organization properly is looked into here. History of compensations paid to certain individuals is also carefully maintained by these people.

Nature of the organization

When you are asking Is IFCJ a good charity, you should remember that this organization is a completely non-profit one and is therefore exempted from taxes. To get and retain this status, the organization is operated according to the given framework. There are lots of IFCJ reviews available online that will tell you all about the proper working of this organization.

Philanthropic purpose

You will never find the IFCJ organization spreading propaganda of any political party or individual. The sole purpose of these organizations is to do good for the people of Israel. The good work that it does for the Jews, gives it really high IFCJ ratings.