Is IFCJ Charity or Family Business of Rabbi Eckstein?

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) was known as a prolific fundraiser among American Christians.

Yael EcksteinHe raised millions in donations mostly from evangelical Christians that resulted in controversy. Yechiel was a dashing and charismatic personality that appealed American Christians and they freely donated to him. Yechiel wanted recognition that led to clashes with the groups who receive the funds, but his efforts were admirable. He remained in controversy for misuse of funds, and use of funds for his personal benefits.

Legacy of Rabbi Eckstein

The legacy of Rabbi Eckstein is over as he is no more, and his legacy has been taken over by her daughter Yael Eckstein. She has traits like her father and supported him in charity projects. She worked as Deputy president of IFCJ and managed its foreign relations. She received huge remuneration of $307,000 in 2015, which is unjustified in a non-profit organization. Her remuneration and employment through the American organization had raised objections. The same issues were faced by Yael’s father.Yael Eckstein

Un-justifications of Rabbi Eckstein

The truth is that no one makes efforts for absolute charity. The self-motive is sensed somewhere. The founding of IFCJ by Rabbi Eckstein, engaging his daughter Yael Eckstein on the co-position as deputy president, and drawing huge remuneration out of raised funds of non-profit organization for himself and Yael seems to be fishy. It is true that Eckstein had a hunger of recognition, but he had a hunger of money too and he took support of her daughter to achieve what he wanted.

Is IFCJ charity or family business

Yael Eckstein, the past deputy president and new president of IFCJ is the daughter of its erstwhile president. It’s not confirmed whether ICFJ should be construed as non-profit or a family business. Time will tell when Yael makes engagements and fulfils her commitment, but no change is apparent in the current scenario of IFCJ.