John Lippmann – It’s Time for Book Industry to Change

Almost everyone is well aware of how influential is the Book of the Month club in the book industry. It is a decade old entity, but with changing time everything has to go through the strong wind of changes the one with a strong foundation can stand firm where weak ones swap away by the strong changing with. The Book of the Month remains on the ground with its strong foundation although it has to witness a few changes.  These changes are the reason why the name of Book of the Month and John Lippmann are floating on the internet these days.

History of the Club

The Book of the Month came into existence in 1926. Since the club founded has experience change in owner for several times. Originally, the book club jointly managed by the Tim Inc and Bookspan, collection of book clubs. The book club becomes a part of Bertelsmann after Bertelsmann purchased Time Inc.

Changes and new hopes

While people are expressing their view on the uncertain future of this 92years old book club a 43years old CEO took the challenge of reviving this book club. In 2012, John Lippmann Joined the Book of the Month as its new CEO, he has the experience of working in the music industry as he was an executive of Evergreen Copyright, a music – copyright firm.

After taking up the responsibilities as the CEO of this legendary book club he has his plans as well as intentions to bring new changes in the book industry with the experience he had from working music industry. He has clearly mentioned and explained his intentions in many of his interviews from time to time.

Whenever asked for the reasons why he purchased a struggling company and what would have happened if he didn’t decide to purchase it. John Lippman always firmly expresses his love for books and the authors and his intentions of saving this 92 years legacy.