Love Books? Blake Orlandi Invites Resumes for Job Openings

Blake Orlandi is the Chief Operating Officer at Book of the Month and is seeking out resumes for some cool job opportunities in the United States.

What is Book of the Month?

Founded in 1926 and relaunched in 2015, Book of the Month is a startup introducing people to books they have never heard of. It was Book of the Month that introduced people to iconic novels like Gone with the Wind in past and continues to do so even today.

Mission of Book of the Month

The team along with the top officials including Blake Orlandi at Book of the Month believe in only one thing – and that is books. They have the sole objective to introduce their 20 million subscribers to new books every month. They create a repertoire of thousands of books releasing in a month, but chooses the best five and send these five books to their subscribers.

Background of the Team at Book of the Month

Book of the Month has a comparatively small team but all its members are talented and most importantly dedicated and hard-working. They have a result oriented approach and take experimental risks to solve problems analytically and the best people survive in their dynamic work environment are the ones who adopt an agile approach.

Current Job Opportunities

Blake Orlandi has advertised and is seeking out profiles of probable candidates for different positions like that of software engineers, various marketing and growth positions including vice presidents, product manager and product management personnel and operations support. If you are a bookworm, trapped in the professional world with any of the above-mentioned qualifications and experience, apply for your dream job at the Book of the Month and be ready for a dynamic and satisfying work life.