The Man with Perfection and Precision at Its Best

Roberto Casula was born in Cagliari in the year 1962. He did his engineering in the field of mining and has since 1988 been associated with Eni. He joined as the reservoir engineer and is now the Senior Executive at Eni. He has managed and controlled a lot of positions in Eni. In the year 1997 he managed the portions of Africa and the Middle East. He then handled a large scale gas project in 2001. He was also the manager at Eni at one point of time. In areas like Mamba and Mozambique, he managed and excelled in his duties.roberto casula eni

What matters to him!

He has always been keen in developing the R&D department. He has always accepted the challenges that came his way and has tried to modernize that in ways necessary. Technological up gradation is the key to success and he accepts that whole heartedly. No matter in which situation is the company, this man can always be relied upon. That is the reason he is called Roberto Casula Eni. He has been in his best form since the last quarter. And from becoming the Chief Development Officer, became the Senior Executive in the company.Thus to conclude we can say that this man is the backbone of the company. Since its inception to this day. He thinks this company to be his family and values every relationship equally important in his life.roberto casula eni

Relationship with employees

He has seen each employee in a very homely manner. In times of need of any one he has been there. One of his colleagues was reported saying that he is the kindest of the entire Executive in Eni. Not only in areas where he worked directly, has he helped people in every way possible. He has actually been the best anyone can ever see. Eni has got a father figure in true sense. A selfless human being, a caring personality.